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Pooja Details & Facilities

Every day in the Morning the Suprabhatha pooja will be conducted to temple. Rice Naivedya of Half K.G. and performed the Mangalarathi during the evening time. Beside this, the devotees can be performed the Parivara Pooja to this Parivara Devaru, as a separate pooja can be performed to this temple.


5.00 A.M.
6.00 A.M.
7.30 A.M.
8.00 A.M.
8.30 A.M.

Opening the Doors.                                   Starting of the Morning Pooja Pooja. Danthadavan Bali & MangalarathiBali


11.30 A.M.
12.00 P.M.
12.15 P.M.
1.30 P.M.

Starting of the after noon pooja Arachane
Closing the Doors of the Devasthan.


6.00 P.M.
7.30 P.M.

Starting of the pooja of Prasadha Pooja Mangalarathi

Night Pooja

8.00 P.M.
8.30 P.M.
9.00 P.M.

Bali Mangalarathi
Bali UtasvaKashaya

The three times pooja will be performed in a day. The expenditure incurred to this pooja and Alankara Pooja, Paramanna Neivydhya, Yedenaivydya, Harivana Naivaidya, Shatha Rudra, Panchamurthaabhiseka, Pusharathotsava, Laliki Uttsava, All these poojas will be performed. The Present Seva charge will be of Rs. 2,500/-. The devotee who is interested and serious of this pooja, he has to come to the temple office a day earlier and obtain the receipts. Next day pooja commences in the morning of 7.00 A.M                                                                                                                             .